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my personal compound of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) implementations in microcontroller and FPGA architectures. The DSPsandbox project is driven by my passion for inventions, hardware programming and by being a firm supporter of the do-it-yourself approach.

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>>> R. P. Feynmann



Notes and miscellaneous FPGA projects.
>>> Programming languages: VHDL, Python
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Visual DSP design tool for custom FPGA implementations.
>>> Programming language: Python
>>> Platform:  Redpitaya STEMlab 125
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Real-time control of a direct digital synthesizer (DDS). 
>>> Programming languages: Python, C++
>>> Platforms:  AD9958-eval, ChipKit Max 32
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About me

I am Pau (without “L”), a physicist with a passion for digital electronics and hardware programming. I define myself as a very curious and persistent mind, with often more captivating ideas than time for pursuing them. As part of the Quantum Engineering Solutions department of Keysight, I develop firmware for the control of quantum computers and quantum simulators. Simultaneously, I am writing my PhD thesis at the Photonic Institute of Barcelona (ICFO). In my free time I enjoy swimming, doing outdoor sports (mostly hiking and mountain biking) and carpentry.

While as a kid I liked to open and disassemble most of my toys, now I am challenged by designing tailored alternatives to expensive commercial DSP products. Do you have an inspiring hardware programming application in mind? I am always happy to know more about your ideas and discuss about suitable FPGA and microcontroller solutions.

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